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Marshall Day Acoustics

Marshall Day Acoustics

Marshall Day Acoustics is an acoustic consultancy that employs over 70 specialist staff. Marshall Day Acoustics has wide ranging experience over many years of the assessment, measurement and development of engineering and planning control measures for industrial emissions.

We have expertise in prediction of noise, mitigation options, preparation of assessment of environmental effects reports and expert evidence at Council and Environment Court hearings.

The petrochemical industry in New Zealand includes the exploration,
production and distribution of hydro carbons from both onshore and
offshore deposits.  Marshall Day Acoustics has been active in the Taranaki
region for over 20 years.  In addition, Marshall Day staff also has experience
with international companies, working on projects all over the world.
Industry specific training includes work site safety, gas detection training
and common permit to work (PICWS).  This commitment to training allows
site management to be confident that all Health and Safety protocols will be
adhered to.  In addition, we have staff that have completed BOSIET training
to enable travel to off-shore facilities.

Marshall Day Acoustics services include:
•     Feasibility    studies   
•     SoundPLAN    noise    modelling   
•     Equipment    noise    and    vibration    specification   
•     Assessment    of    Environmental    Noise    Effects   
•     Noise    Control    options    and    design
•     Noise    monitoring    -    before    development,    during    construction    and    as    part       
     of    on-going    compliance    requirements
•     Preparation    and    presentation    of    evidence    for    Council    and    Environment       
 Court hearings.

Recent projects include:
•     Pohokura    Production    Station
•     Maui    A    and    B    platforms
•     Todd    McKee    Production    station
•     Ahuroa    gas    storage    facility
•     Stratford    power    station    -    Peaker    station
•     Zamzama    gas    production    plant,    Pakistan

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