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Amtec Group is made up of three companies; Amtec Engineering, Cambrian Engineering and DFE, and is unique in New Zealand for the diverse capability we offer. The companies are based in Taranaki but operate across New Zealand and have bases in Australia and UAE. From a workforce of around 85 people, the group delivers design, project, manufacturing, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance services to most of New Zealand's processing industries and supply equipment, components and assemblies to customers in New Zealand and around the world.


  • Oil and gas upstream and downstream
  • Forestry and timber
  • Dairy, meat, food processing
  • Waste water treatment
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Petrochemical and chemcials
  • Power generation
  • Transport

General Capabilities: includes the design and manufacture of mechanical of mechanical and process equipment either in our 2,500m2 heavy engineering workshop or at our foundry and high quality machining centre. Our mobile construction and maintenance teams are comfortable working in a range of environments, on many types of sites  with different plant in all corners of the country.

Specialist Capabilities:

  • Site construction and commissioning of complex process plant
  • Packaging process equipment - separation, heating, cooling, compression, high pressure pumping, de-gassing, sludge processing, metering
  • Pressure equipment and piping plus exotic materials welding
  • Centrifuge and linear motion shaker, supply maintenance lease
  • Coded transport containers and tankage
  • Metal casting in most materials, high tolerance, NC component machining, equipment assembly
  • Electroplating, polishing, digital measurement
  • Hydraulic bolt tensioning and tightening


Project Involvement

Contact Details

Colin Fromont; (BEmech), Group Manager, +64 6 755 2299; +64 27 241 3970;

E: colin@amtec4engineering.com

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