Welcome to the Energy and Industrial Group Website

The Energy and Industrial Group is a multi-disciplined group of New Zealand companies providing a dynamic range of technical specialist and support services to the energy and industrial sectors and is facilitated by Venture Taranaki Trust.

The Energy and Industrial Group (formerly the Oil and Gas Specialist Technologies - OGST group) was founded by Venture Taranaki in 2003 to initially increase the capability and profile of New Zealand’s Oil and Gas sector through collaborative national and international marketing, business development and operational solutions. The skills the group have evolved are now being increasingly utilised by clients in the geothermal, wind and wave energy industrial as well as a cross section of broader industrial sectors.

Centred around Taranaki - New Zealand’s foremost energy region - the group began with 5 companies working together to develop the region’s industry. It has grown strongly since then to more than 20 members, and continues to attract further companies working in the energy and industrial industry.

Our History

Since the discovery of oil in Taranaki in the 1860s and the first large-scale commercial development at Kapuni in 1969, Taranaki has been at the forefront of the nation’s energy sector. As a result the region is home to many innovative specialists working across all aspects of the industry.

In 2003 the need for a collaborative and proactive approach to industry growth was identified, particularly in relation to the smaller and more dynamic businesses within the industry. The Oil and Gas Specialist Technologies group was the result.

Since 2003 the group has steadily grown in both membership numbers and impact, providing an increasingly broad range of services and support to both the onshore and offshore oil field developers.

In 2016 the group changed its name, reflecting the broader focus of its focus to become the Energy and Industrial Group.

The Energy and Industrial Group has proven itself to be an effective collaboration of like-minded complimentary companies, working both domestically and internationally, and its members have world-class experience, expertise and capability in a dynamic range of specialist technical disciplines for upstream and downstream services to the marketplace. 

How the Group Can Help

A platform allowing New Zealand companies to work together collectively, the Energy and Industrial Group allows those operating or looking to operate in the sector to gain access to a broad range of expertise and technical services via a singular port of call.

Whether you are a potential client of the Energy and Industrial Group or want to investigate becoming a participating member, please contact the group facilitator via the Contact Us page.

About Venture Taranaki

Venture Taranaki Trust (VTT), the Taranaki region’s development agency, works across the industry, business, event and tourism sectors to help grow the Taranaki economy. Registered as a charitable trust, VTT is a council controlled organisation of the New Plymouth District Council. The Trust is primarily funded by the New Plymouth District Council with additional funding from the region’s other two councils and a range of public and private sector entities.

The Trust was the driving force behind the launch of the 2010 report into the oil and gas industry The Wealth Beneath Our Feet, which can be downloaded from www.energystream.co.nz